About Us


Introduction After many years of hard work and perseverance, the residents at Park Village, home to over 200 Cambodian refugee families, realized their goal of buying the apartment complex. Park Village is a unique model of affordable housing ownership, involving the partnership between APSARA, the resident association at Park Village, and RCHC, a regional non-profit […]



  It’s hard to imagine our community without the services that APSARA provides. There’s Family Support that helps families; the Education Programs that help youth and children to excel in their academics; the Health Education that provides with important information; and all the other programs that provide services without which our community would be crippled. […]

Our Mission


APSARA is an educational, problem-solving organization that provides leadership for Park Village residents by collaborating with the larger community to provide a safe, positive environment that promotes economic development and small business. Director’s Message Since 1989, APSARA has served more than 1000 Park Village low-income residents by providing affordable housing and decent programs that fit […]

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By: Rashid Azar