Art and Culture

APSARA Royale Ballet Dance

Cambodian art and culture preserve the story of our people, holds our identity, deepens trust, and builds bridges across generations and the broader community of Stockton. Since 1989 APSARA has offered weekly Khmer Ballet dance classes, collaborated with local temples to host Khmer New Year’s celebrations, weekly food offerings to community elders, Kathin Tean (community members pool funds for cultural preservation projects at the Cambodian Temple).

APSARA also organizes to bring in monks from around the world to build community and mobilize service. APSARA’s collaborations and programs provide an opportunity for over 5,000 community members to participate in Cambodian art and culture annually. All events are open and welcome to all community members of Stockton.

Please call our team at (209) 905-4808 for more details.