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Formerly known as United Cambodian Communities’ Organization, United Cambodian Families (UCF) had its first full membership meeting on December 14, 2001 in Park Village community center. Members from all over the places in Stockton, including Buddhist monks, clergymen and community leaders gathered together for selecting UCF officers for the first time in Stockton. Sophat Sorn, the elected president, thanked all the members for entrusting him to lead for the first year to represent Cambodian community. He urges all the member to keep doing the good work for the betterment of community. He thanks especially to APSARA and Mrs. Sovanna Koeurt for unfailing supports since UCF was first formed until it now. Through APSARA that UCF was receiving a small grant from the James Irvine Foundation. “This is the first step in our long journey. But together we stand and move forward!

UCF Historical Background

Established in 2000, United Cambodian Families represents the efforts of a broad cross section of Cambodian leaders and community. Back in 1999 some community leaders attended PICO Annual National Leadership Training at Louisiana, sponsored by PACT for Stockton. In early 2000, the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) was formed. And in August of 2000, this effort served its purpose to voice concerns and took action on the issue of Tyrol Village 30-day eviction notice to over 70 families of Cambodians and Laotians. The group becomes stronger and stronger and with the help of the James Irvines Foundation through APSARA, Cambodian LOC takes another step toward a better structured organization. The first election for the governing Board was held in APSARA on December 14, 2001. Through APSARA, UCF receives a mini grant from the James Irvines. In June 2002, UCF applied for a 501 (c)(3) non-profit status. Article of Incorporation was submitted to the Secretary of State under “UCCO” but the name was changed to “United Cambodian Families” due to duplication. And the new application was resubmitted on August 30, 2002. CPF (Community Partnership for Families) assisted in this process. On October 10, 2003 UCF officially became a Non-profit Organization. UCF comprises 9 Board Directors, 14 Advisory Board and approximately 50 community leaders from various places city-wide and from the 2 Buddhist temples. Its Board meet regularly every month and full assembly every 2 months. Its two Boards meet twice a year. One of UCF’s goals is engaging people in civic participation. This year 2004, UCF receives a grant from the Vanguard Public Foundation for internal capacity training of its Board of Directors and to conduct a strategic planning for the next 5 years.

Sophat Sorn
Executive Director
(209) 483-2368
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Supported by:
The James Irvine Foundation
Calaveras Central Community Partnership