Senior Program

More than 60 Park Village seniors are provided with activities and opportunities to travel. Our goal is to maintain or enhance personal wellness. Programs include planned recreation and physical activities, meals, transportation to the program and some personal care.

Senior Program welcomes residents 55 years or older to trim bad food and dish out advice on healthy eating. Every Tuesday traditional meals are served. Weekly balanced meals include steamed vegetables, hearty soups and chicken stir-fry.

Training services offers educational strategies and materials to enhance seniors’ health care decision-making skills. Health workshops invite guest speakers to address dietary needs, cholesterol, high blood pressure, other medical concerns, and the importance of healthful nutrition.

Tai-Chi Program meets their fitness and exercise needs. Twice a week, by staying active and mentally sharp through the art of Tai-Chi, seniors learn to slowly build up physical strength.

Program Hours:
Wednesdays; 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (noon)

Kun Tuy
(209) 467-0810

Sponsored by:
Sierra Health Foundation
Park Village, Inc.
San Joaquin Public Health Services