Teen Program

Public social events are the best crime prevention. Provided by the City of Stockton, Department of Park & Recreation, youths can put their competitive spirit to a friendly match within the Park Village community as well as sports tournaments with outside organizations.

Teens age 13 – 21 can jumpstart their social skills and physical health by joining the 21st Century Step-Up Program in table tennis, pool table, and other fun exercises. While having fun, they learn personal growth, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

Sports isn’t the only field open to teens. From coaching in the ball court to managing in the boardroom, teens are encouraged to pitch ideas and demonstrate leadership. Youth Leadership is a team club run successfully by teens.

Teen Center Hours:
Monday to Friday, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Marrai Tamargo
(209) 944-1150

Sponsored by:
City of Stockton, Parks & Recreation