What we do

  • Youth Leadership

    Youth Leadership involvement, training, mentorship and guidance is vital for our community. The youth of today have the potential of being the leaders of tomorrow. Programs such as the annual Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Conference bring community leaders, community educators, and youths together for a forum held with inspiring messages, words of wisdom and educational …

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  • Weekly Health Walk

    For over a year now, Lim Leang CHOW for APSARA/CRCCP has shared concerns with Park Village residents about safety and health issues in April of 2003. Then a group was formed and walk regularly every week. About 25 people meet in front of the community center and divide in 2 groups. Group 1 walks around …

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  • Tutorial Program

    This goes beyond parent and teacher intervention. The Tutorial Program is a community outreach effort to get our children the education they need.  Low-test scores and failing grades spell a need for personal attention. That’s why our mission is to work with local schools and identify each student’s problems in reading, writing and math. We …

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  • Teen Program B

    Public social events are the best crime prevention. Provided by City of Stockton, Department of Park & Recreation, youths can put their competitive spirit to a friendly match within the Park Village community as well as sport tournaments with outside organizations. Teens ages 13 – 21 can jumpstart their social skills and physical health by …

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  • Senior Program

    More than 60 Park Village seniors are provided with activities and opportunities to travel. Our goal is to maintain or enhance personal wellness. Programs include planned recreation and physical activities, meals, transportation to the program and some personal care. Senior Program welcomes residents 55 years or older to trim bad food and dish out advice …

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  • Health Education

    The Health Education Program promotes healthy lifestyles and knowledge of health issues and hygiene to the residence of the ParkVillage apartments and surrounding communities. This program brings health educators and hygienists to educate community members on the importance of healthy foods, healthful lifestyles, functions of the human body, and other important issues that may concern …

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  • Capacity Building – UCF

    Formerly known as United Cambodian Communities’ Organization, United Cambodian Families (UCF) had its first full membership meeting on December 14, 2001 in Park Village community center. Members from all over the places in Stockton, including Buddhist monks, clergymen and community leaders gathered together for selecting UCF officers for the first time in Stockton. Sophat Sorn, …

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  • After School Program

    The After School Program is an enrichment program for the youth and children of the Park Village. This program consists of education, reading, art, and other activities that help nurture the growth of the young people of Park Village. Now included in the after school program is the integration of our health program. We have …

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