Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership involvement, training, mentorship and guidance is vital for our community. The youth of today have the potential of being the leaders of tomorrow. Programs such as the annual Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Conference bring community leaders, community educators, and youths together for a forum held with inspiring messages, words of wisdom and educational activities.

During the graduation season of 2004, APSARA joined other Cambodian community organizations in honoring Cambodian high school graduates in a dinner and an award and scholarship ceremony. Inspiring messages were given by Mayor Edward Chavez, Mrs. Sovanna Koeurt, and a young lady who has strove for ages to get her best in education. The National Anthem was sung by a young man from the Cambodian community and a young lady performed “Wing Beneath My Wings” as a tribute to her fellow friends and graduates. This special ceremony encourages the students to continue their education and to strive for academic excellence and pursue their dreams and careers with the utmost educational integrity.

Program Information:
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Blue Cross of California
Health Plan of San Joaquin
Humphreys College
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