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A safe and supportive community

Our Story

Asian Pacific Self-Development And Residential Association (APSARA) was formed in 1989 by a resident group of 35 refugee families who lived in Park Village Apartments (PVA), a deteriorated and unsafe 230-unit apartment complex. The 35 families (7 to 12 members in each family) were experiencing severe economic hardship and trauma after fleeing the Khmer Rouge regime. After losing four children to gun violence and tired of desolate living conditions, APSARA was organized to build a safe community with affordable housing, a safe place for community and youth, self-determination, and economic opportunity, purchasing PVA from HUD for $1 in 1993.

Our Mission

APSARA’s mission is to provide leadership for the residents by collaborating with the larger community to provide a safe, positive environment that promotes economic independence.

What we do

APSARA is a grassroots membership organization home to the largest concentrated Southeast Asian population in Stockton, and the last remaining affordable housing property collectively owned by Cambodian refugees in the United States. APSARA has been an anchor institution in the Southeast Asian community in Stockton, providing space, organizing infrastructure and leadership for community work ranging from deportation defense to access to healthcare and youth leadership development. APSARA has deep ties in Stockton and the region, and partners with grassroots groups, regional collaboratives, schools, temples and churches, and local government.

Our services

All of our services are geared towards the welfare of residents in the San Joaquin county. We provide assistance to children and seniors with food, education, healthcare, safety, job development and other basic needs.

Our team

Sovanna Koeurt

Executive Director

I have served APSARA as an Executive Director for more than 20 years. I started as a volunteer and got promoted to Executive Director in 1994. I am thankful to be part of APSARA, and I will do my best to my team to support APSARA mission and vision.

Sothea Ung

Program Manager

I joined APSARA as a volunteer in October 2012. After three months, I was hired as Social Services Coordinator and subsequently as Program Manager. I’ve been working for the community since 1998. I love to work with people, and I am grateful to see them succeed and grow.

Kunthea Tuy

Social Services Coordinator

I’ve been serving this community for more than 16 years. I am so glad that I am able to assist our families to get their needs on time. The residents of Park Village Apartments and surrounding communities, they are like my family, and we take care each other really well. I am ready and looking forward to assisting everyone who needs help.

Jolene Keo

Community Outreach Worker

I’ve been a Community Outreach Worker for more than 15 years. I have a good relationship with my own community and others as well. My passion is to help those that are in need of assistance with health education, health insurances, and referring to other agencies that best suits their needs.

Our partners

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