Health Care Access

Community Health Connectors (CHC)

Piloted in 2015, The CHC program employs community health workers, who share the language and culture of their clients, to deliver culturally competent access to healthcare and health system navigation. CHC’s work one to one with clients and their families, providing health coaching, case management, health education, linkages to care, and wrap-around support. Community Health Worker models have demonstrated extreme success in improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs for immigrants and other marginalized populations around the US and the world.

The CHC program is a collaboration between Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton, Community Partnership for Families, and APSARA, 6 CHCs now serve 130+ clients annually. In 2019, participants improved exercise and healthy eating habits, improved diabetes and hypertension management, and reduced the number of hospitalizations and ER visits. APSARA is working with community organizations and agencies throughout San Joaquin County to integrate community health workers as a core part of health care delivery.


San Joaquin Treatment & Education for Everyone on Teeth and Health (SJ TEETH)

Founded in 2017, SJ TEETH is a collaboration between San Joaquin County and 17 other agencies to provide oral healthcare and case management to youth ages 0-20. APSARA provides culturally competent outreach and engagement to families, translation and transportation for dentist appointments, and education to ensure the best possible oral healthcare. After serving 150 youth in the programs 2017 pilot, SJ TEETH serves 250 Southeast Asian youth annually.


Nutrition Education and Physical Activities

APSARA offers the direct nutrition education class to the San Joaquin resident since 2014. The direct nutrition education curriculum is the evidenced-based and was designed to increase consumption of healthy foods, decrease consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages, increase physical activity opportunities, and improve self-efficacy to promote change at the individual, family, and community as a whole.

Many of our participants are Cambodian Americans; they are suffering from type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart diseases, and/or other chronic diseases. They are living in a community that has limited access to healthy foods and other community food programs. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with information about family planning for healthy meals and encourage outdoor or indoor physical activities especially the children.

The project had provided other support documents to participants as well such as local food assistant program’s contact number, USDA recommended cooking recipe books, MyPlate 10 tips series, other local partners programs and contacts, USDA MyPlate for My Family curriculum handouts, make half of your plate fruits and vegetable poster, (211) family referral services and much more. MyPlate for My Family: SNAP Nutrition Education is an initiative of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The educational and promotional materials are designed for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants and low-income individuals eligible for means-tested Federal assistance programs for children ages 2 through 18.

We offer a direct nutrition education class on the 1st and 3rd Thursday from 11 am to 12 pm during Park Village Bi-Weekly senior meal.

For more information please contact us at APSARA cell phone (209) 905-2777 or office (209) 944-1700.