Community Health Worker

The Community Health Worker’s (CHW) program works one-to-one with Stockton community members by providing health coaching, education, case management, and connection to the community to improve healthy behaviors, disease management, monitoring, access to care, and generally create a relationship-based ecosystem of support necessary to transform health outcomes for marginalized people. The CHW program focuses on low-income Southeast Asian (Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong), Caucasian, African American, Latino, and other Asian groups.

Each CHW, who shares their clients’ language, culture, and experience, conducts at least four education workshops or attends four events in their community to build referrals over 12 months. Each CHW provides one-on-one assistance to at least 25 individuals per month. Each CHW provides personal health care case management and coaching for at least 40 clients annually, providing translation, transportation, and advocating for the patient with providers. Collaborative outreach activities reach 3,000 individuals annually and enroll uninsured community members in health insurance—the CHWs partner with local hospitals to work with discharged patients and prevent re-hospitalization. If the hospital continues to provide care by sending a nurse to a client’s home, CHWs will assist the nurse with home visitation, translation, scheduling, and other support.

Mr. HengSothea Ung
(209) 905-2777 –

Mr. Chea Anthony Chen
(209) 487-3309 –

Supported by:
Dignity Health, Abbott Foundation, and San Joaquin Community Foundation