Health Education

The Health Education Program promotes healthy lifestyles and knowledge of health issues and hygiene to the residence of the ParkVillage apartments and surrounding communities. This program brings health educators and hygienists to educate community members on the importance of healthy foods, healthful lifestyles, functions of the human body, and other important issues that may concern their health. By gaining a variety of health knowledge, we hope that residents pass on their knowledge to fellow residents to continue and promote a healthy community.

The Health Workshops are focused on different age groups that range from small children to seniors. Children are often taught to stay active, exercise, and the basics of brushing their teeth properly. For women services, we engage them to participate in annual checkups including pap smears and mammogram exams. They may also participate in the Child Wellness Program, which gives them the opportunity to get their children checked-up for health issues up to twice a year. The men program is focused on educating them about prostate cancer and symptoms that may develop in their bodies. The relationship between doctors and our community members are very important and we strive to keep it healthy. We advocate that doctors stay informed about the experiences women may face when visiting an unknown doctor and/or doctors with language barriers.

Socheat Chun
(209) 944-1700

Supported by:
Dignity Health
Health Plan of San Joaquin