Early Literacy and Oral Health Education

APSARA is implementing the Southeast Asian Home Visitation and Empowerment, Raising Quality Improve and Maximize Program, and San Joaquin Treatment + Education for Everyone on Teeth + Health. The First 5 of San Joaquin (www.sjckids.org) administers the expanded Home Visitation Initiative under the American Rescue Plan Act Funding. We work with other local partners to address issues in early literacy, nutrition education for caregivers, assisting parents in children’s oral healthcare and providing other assistance as needed due to the impacts of COVID-19.

This program will provide the following:
– Weekly drop-off of book bags and provide other educational materials based on the kid’s age and stage
– Bi-weekly home visitation, weekly book bag drop off, nutrition education, referral, and other social services
– Assists caregivers in oral health, connection to the dentist, assists with dental visits, provides oral care kits, PPE, and other supplies as needed

Program Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

Mrs. Jolene Keo – Raising Quality IMPACT
(209) 905-1734 – kjolene@apsaraonline.org

Mrs. Sarong Sim – Southeast Asian Home Visitation and Empowerment
(209) 414-8658 – ssim@apsaraonline.org

Mr. Mike My – SJ TEETH
(209) 905-0885 – mmike@apsaraonline.org

Sponsored by:
First 5 of San Joaquin