Weekly Health Walk

For over a year now, Lim Leang CHOW for APSARA/CRCCP has shared concerns with Park Village residents about safety and health issues in April of 2003. Then a group was formed and walk regularly every week. About 25 people meet in front of the community center and divide in 2 groups. Group 1 walks around 6:00 am and Group 2 starts at 7:00 am. They walk and talk around Oak Park four rounds, about 2 miles. Their relationship grows. Now, the Healthy Walk becomes habitual. Besides walking in groups, they continue to walk by themselves daily.

Everyone is surprised with Grandpa Muoy Suon when he starts walking without a stick anymore. A while back when he first joined the walking group, he came with a wheelchair and a walking cane but now he can walk without it. It is really amazing. APSARA’s two health education projects (Health Beacon and CHEP) really stress on exercise to stay healthy. Most of them join in this healthy walk group.

In addition to addults, 30 to 40 children from Park Village join in the Weekly Health Walk every Friday in the late afternoon hours!

This program:
– Encourages youth to be physically active
– Teaches youth to eat healthy food
– Introduces them to different ways of being healthy

Program Hours:
Every Friday morning and afternoon

(209) 944-1700

Sponsored by:
Bank of America
Health Plan of San Joaquin